A Houston maritime lawyer has the answers you need

You have been working in the maritime industry. You were injured in an accident on board a vessel at sea. It was not your fault and was due to someone else’s negligence. Are you entitled to compensation? That is a serious question, and something that only a Houston maritime lawyer can answer with any clarity or certainty.

A Houston maritime lawyer is someone who will understand the many different factors that will determine the outcome of a lawsuit that you file when seeking compensation. For example, though there are laws that guarantee the maritime worker (or their family if the accident results in death) the right to pursue compensation, they must also prove that negligence is what brought the incident about.

This is not as simple as it might sound, and is one of the primary reasons for consulting with a Houston maritime lawyer as soon as possible following the incident in question. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is a law office capable of handling your maritime and offshore injury concerns. They can consult with you and help you to determine if you are entitled to monetary compensation due to an incident.

If you look at maritime accident reports from all parts of the country, and the world, you see that everything from drunken pilots to carelessness in the kitchen (galley) have led to crew members suffering mental and physical injuries. These are things that were not the fault of those injured, and yet they must still prove negligence if they want comprehensive compensation.

The good news is that when this sort of negligence is proven, it can lead to a long list of possible reparations. These can include everything from medical and psychological treatments to lost wages and benefits packages. The first step, however, is to speak with a knowledgeable professional.

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Know your rights with an experienced Baytown Oil Rig Injury Attorney

It may seem obvious to you that an injury you sustained onboard an oil rig, or while making your way to one on board a commercial vessel, is the responsibility of the operator or owners, but it is not as clear cut as you think. Though there are very clear maritime laws in place to protect workers harmed due to negligence, there is always the need to prove negligence before any recompense is made to the injured or the family of someone killed in an accident.

These are the reasons that a Baytown oil rig injury attorney is an absolute “must”. It does not matter if you are the worker injured and you are seeking something as basic as lost wages, or you are the family pursuing comprehensive compensation for all of those future wages and even mental anguish due to an accidental death, you need professional assistance. A Baytown oil rig injury attorney is the smartest “first step” in any case you intend to file.

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is a dependable source for anyone in need of a Baytown oil rig injury attorney because the firm has extensive experience with maritime cases.

Maritime and offshore laws cover every sort of injury, accident, or worker. That means that the cook onboard an oil rig is just as viable for compensation after an accident as the person working on the front lines with heavy machinery. The key is to be able to demonstrate that negligence led to the injury and that the responsible parties must be made to meet their legal obligations.

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can assist you with all of these things. They can guide you in the right direction and ensure that you approach your claims with realistic expectations and positive outcomes.

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A Houston Maritime Attorney has the answers

It can be very confusing for someone who works on a commercial vessel to know if they have the right to claim compensation after an injury. After all, almost all workers in the maritime industries know that their jobs tend to be somewhat “high risk”. Even the less risky sounding careers, such as ferry boat workers or cruise ship crews can face serious threats to their safety, and when they are injured on the job, they can pursue compensation.

There are official laws, known as the Jones Act, that guarantee such workers legal recourse after an incident that results in injury brought about by negligence.

Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to prove an employer or co-worker’s negligence, and this is why a Houston maritime attorney is a very valuable resource. Not only can they ensure that you will get any financial compensation due to you, they can also pursue a host of other claims that you may be legally entitled to.

For example, your Houston maritime attorney can review your case with you and determine if you are entitled to rehabilitation therapies, lost wages (both past and future), monetary benefits due to pain and suffering or disfigurement, and benefits that some might refer to as “fringe” such as your medical insurance or retirement income.

However, for a Houston maritime attorney to be of assistance, you have to contact one and discuss your case. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is the firm to call, and they can offer the kinds of services you need when wondering if you have a valid maritime injury case. They will treat you with compassion, reviewing the facts, and helping you to understand all of your options.

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A Galveston Offshore Attorney is a key resource

Though it may seem that medical support is the first thing to seek following an offshore accident, there is something else that is just as important – legal counsel. There are maritime laws that provide people injured in offshore incidents with the right to seek compensation. However, as is the case with most legal terminology, there is a need for an expert to interpret the facts and to help you to see if the laws apply specifically to you.

This means that a Galveston offshore attorney is just as important to your future as proper medical care. This is the person who can represent you on every level and even help you to understand if your claims are viable and valid. Remember that most of the claims have to be related to negligence on the part of the owner/operators or a crewmember. Only an experienced Galveston offshore attorney can help you to determine if that is the case where your injuries or claims are concerned.

The Galveston offshore attorney can then help you to get the financial and medical support you need to ensure the highest quality of life after any accidents. While many people mistakenly believe that it is just the lost wages or medical coverage that they are owed, there are other claims that apply. Families suffer too, and when someone has lost their ability to work or function due to an offshore incident, it is essential to work with an attorney who can give all of the help needed. The experts at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are an ideal resource at such times.

They have the kind of experience and knowledge required to provide clients with the best outcomes possible. Call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today and schedule a consultation to see if you can pursue your claims.

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