Consult with an offshore injury attorney today

If you were injured in an offshore accident or while working aboard a seagoing vessel, the Jones Act applies to you. This is a set of laws designed to provide workers with legal rights meant to ensure their livelihood and their health. The laws apply to the families of those injured or killed while doing their work as well. However, you will need the expertise of an offshore injury attorney to determine if you can make a claim or not.

Why is an offshore injury attorney needed? Can’t you just review the facts on your own? Not really. Laws are complicated things and when you read law books it is unlikely that you will be able to explain with great precision or accuracy just what they mean. However, a offshore injury attorney can do just that, and they can also recognize where these laws apply to your claims.

If you are wondering whether you, or your employer, should be paying for the rehabilitation that is the result of an accident, it is time to contact an expert. Unfortunately, few claims are so simple and many people will agree to settlements that are not adequate to their legal rights or to their needs. This is why it is important to speak with a legal expert as soon as possible after an accident has occurred.

The professionals at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are available for consultations and will review all of the details of a case. They will then counsel their clients as to the best path to follow. Not all cases are going to be provable, and the team at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will be up front with those who are unlikely to enjoy a positive outcome. However, if there is legal right to claim compensation, the team will dedicate themselves to getting their client what is due to them under the terms of the law.

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A Galveston Offshore Attorney is a key resource

Though it may seem that medical support is the first thing to seek following an offshore accident, there is something else that is just as important – legal counsel. There are maritime laws that provide people injured in offshore incidents with the right to seek compensation. However, as is the case with most legal terminology, there is a need for an expert to interpret the facts and to help you to see if the laws apply specifically to you.

This means that a Galveston offshore attorney is just as important to your future as proper medical care. This is the person who can represent you on every level and even help you to understand if your claims are viable and valid. Remember that most of the claims have to be related to negligence on the part of the owner/operators or a crewmember. Only an experienced Galveston offshore attorney can help you to determine if that is the case where your injuries or claims are concerned.

The Galveston offshore attorney can then help you to get the financial and medical support you need to ensure the highest quality of life after any accidents. While many people mistakenly believe that it is just the lost wages or medical coverage that they are owed, there are other claims that apply. Families suffer too, and when someone has lost their ability to work or function due to an offshore incident, it is essential to work with an attorney who can give all of the help needed. The experts at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are an ideal resource at such times.

They have the kind of experience and knowledge required to provide clients with the best outcomes possible. Call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today and schedule a consultation to see if you can pursue your claims.

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