Cruise Ship Mishaps

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Cruise Ship Mishaps

Cruises are supposed to be complete escapes from everyday life, but by their very nature, problems that arise onboard while the cruise ship is at sea can turn into serious injuries.  And it is not just the passengers that are at risk on a cruise ship; the
often of hundreds of crew members are subject to long work hours for days at a time. Both passengers and cruise ship crew members have rights that can and should be protected.

Passenger Claims

For passengers, a number of issues can arise on a cruise ship.  Slips and falls, food poisoning, negligent medical care, injuries at a salon or spa, dangerous shore excursions, and even sexual assaults can occur on board.  These incidents would be problematic in any situation, but at sea they are complicated by the fact that most cruise ship tickets contain waivers and limitations on your rights if problems do arise.  You might be limited in the amount of time you have to bring a claim, and in what jurisdiction or venue you will be able to bring the claim.

Cruise ship passengers may also suffer injury during special activities on-board, but might have been required to sign aivers of liability before engaging in them.  These clauses may or may not be upheld in court.  An experienced attorney has the best chance of resolving these issues in your favor.

Crew Claims

Cruise ships are like floating cities, and as such, they have crew members for every job imaginable.  From the kitchen to the engine room to the salon, the crew keeps the ship going, but are vulnerable to injuries as well.  In most cases, crew members are considered ‘seamen,’ and are therefore protected and covered by the Jones Act.

Contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today

Whether you are a crew member or a passenger, if you were injured on a cruise ship, contact an attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today to make sure your legal rights are protected.  Cruise ships anticipate liability and have done everything to make sure their liability is limited.  You need an experienced team behind you to ensure you recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

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