China’s Fog Shows Importance of Maritime Injury Lawyers

Despite the wealth of technology modern day crews can rely on for safe voyages, serious accidents still happen. China has been a hotbed of examples lately with yet another accident occurring on December 6th. Besides highlighting the dangers crews are still exposed to on a regular basis, these accidents also make it clear how important it is to have the right maritime injury lawyers available to receive the necessary representation.

On the morning of December 6th, “JIA LI HAI” and “MV XIUMEI TIANJIN” collided in the sea region of Zhejiang Zhoushan. The “JIA LI HAI” cargo ship, owned by China COSCO, has a deadweight tonnage of 100,000 tons. It was on route to Laotangshan port when it collided with the “MV XIUMEI TIANJIN”, a container ship that’s 168 meters long.

Fortunately, no one aboard the “JIA LI HAI” was injured due to the accident, though it did sustain severe damage that caused it to lose power in open water. “MV XIUMEI TIANJIN” received minor damage, but was still able to proceed.

The recovery effort was organized by the Zhejiang Maritime Rescue Administration, which partnered with the East Sea Rescue Bureau. Altogether, it took 12 tugboats and 4 different cleaning vessels to handle the wreckage. By the afternoon, the smaller cargo ship was moved to shallow water. While it was able to successfully anchor there, it is still taking on water, though the threat of sinking is no longer a concern.

This was just one of three accidents that occurred in as many days. Fog is thought to have played a role in all of them.

While it’s fortunate no one was injured, it’s clear those onboard were lucky. Maritime injury lawyers are absolutely essential in such situations to make sure those onboard receive the representation necessary to secure what they’re entitled to. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP provides maritime injury lawyers for just such occasions.

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The Dangers of Commercial Fishing

In early September, a crew member of a commercial fishing boat died after he sustained injuries to his head and neck while on-board the boat.  The man was Donald Alversa, and he was onboard the “Jason & Danielle”, a dragger which was off the coast of North Carolina at the time of the accident.

After the accident, he was lifted by helicopter to be treated at the hospital, but his condition quickly worsened and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, commercial fishing is one of the dangerous occupations in America.  The general rate of death among all U.S. workers is 4 in 100,000.  For commercial fishermen, the rate is 124 in 100,000.

What makes commercial fishing so dangerous?  Dangerous weather, long hours, strenuous manual labor, and heavy equipment combine to create a work atmosphere ripe for serious injury and death.

Most of these accidents occur when the vessel itself has an accident, but fall overboards are also a common cause of death.

If you are a commercial fisherman and have suffered serious injury while on the job, an offshore injury attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help.  Injuries in this line of work can be serious and leave you unable to work and support yourself and your loved ones.  Our maritime attorneys can help; there is broad compensation available to maritime workers.  Find out more about your legal options.  Contact us today for your free case review.

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Life Jackets Save Lives … Hence the Name

Two fisherman in Bridlington recently made a short film about wearing life jackets to encourage others to increase their safety when at sea. The film is two minutes long and is available on the social network site YouTube with the title “Life Jacket: a Fisherman’s Friend.”

The two men decided to make a film after a conclusion from a panel of experts found that 26 fishermen may still be here today if they were wearing a life jacket. A fishing boat back in 2007 was involved in an incident while at sea. The statistic released alarmed the Fishing Industry Safety Group that they took the initiative to being more attention to safety. Safety when on a boat at sea is important and a maritime lawyer can provide legal advice to fisherman involved in any accidents when on a boat.

The group approached two fishermen with the idea of making a short film about life jacket Safety. This led the pair to begin work on the film with help from members of the Fishing Industry Safety Group. A life jacket is necessary when going out to sea. Many fisherman have stated they will not go our to sea if one is not available. The biggest reason is that people often gasp and forget how to stay afloat after they hit the water. Fisherman can have severe difficulties if a life jacket is not being worn.

Anyone who is a fisherman should watch “Life Jacket: a Fisherman’s Friend” to learn about the need of a life jacket. The goal is to have fisherman consider buying and using a life jacket when they set out for a daily sea voyage. A life jacket is easy to wear by any adult. They are not heavy and do not prevent the user from performing any activities when on a boat.

Fisherman with questions about the lack of a life jacket on a boat should contact a maritime lawyer that can provide anyone with much-needed advice.

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