A Galveston oil rig injury attorney works to help rig workers

In February of 2013, Cordell St. Julien was injured while removing rigging from a structure on the BP-owned oil rig where he was employed. St. Julien claims that he was injured due to inclement conditions. According to St. Julien, the water was too choppy that day, and waves were breaking over the rig, sloshing onto the floor where he was working, and creating a slippery surface.

St. Julien has filed a suit in the US Court in Texas against Hornbeck Offshore Services and BP, claiming that work should have been postponed until conditions were not hazardous to the safety of crewmembers. Unfortunately, this kind of situation is not that uncommon in almost any field. Employers are under pressure to make money. They often lose sight of anything but the bottom line, and that’s when injuries can happen. Consulting with a Galveston oil rig injury attorney can help you to know your rights.

St. Julien feels that he would have lost his job had he refused to perform this task on the day that he was told to. He also feels that the task should have been put off until it was safe to perform. Since the rig is owned and operated by US-based companies, and St. Julien is a US citizen, he’ll be covered under the Jones Act of 1920. A Galveston oil rig injury attorney will be able to walk him through all of his rights.

Workers should never have to choose between their jobs and their reasonable safety. While maritime work comes with its risks, a Galveston oil rig injury attorney, like the ones at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, can help you familiarize yourself with the risks that are expected of you and when you have recourse against unreasonable requests. They can also help you to know your rights in the case of an accident on the job.

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Your Houston Maritime Attorney is the key to success

If you pick up a law book and begin reading the many pages it is not likely that you will get very far. “Legalese” as so many people call it, is tough to understand without proper training and expertise. This is why anyone interested in pursuing a claim under maritime law must hire a Houston maritime attorney. There is no working around this necessity if you want to get the best outcome.

Fortunately, Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can provide you with a Houston maritime attorney and a dependable legal team that can ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. The reason that a team of legal experts is required is simple – any case takes a lot of work.

While it might seem a simple matter to you – i.e. you were working onboard a commercial vessel, an accident occurred, and you were injured – there is more to a legal case. There has to be negligence involved and there has to be documented evidence. These are things that a Houston maritime attorney can help you to prove and this is the key to a legal success.

Your Kirkendall Dwyer LLP legal team will work with you to help you claim what you are entitled to  under maritime law. For example, if you are due past or future wages, payments for rehabilitation, compensation for physical disfigurement, lost benefits, and more – the team is going to help you get these things. The laws also apply to your survivors if you are killed in an accident, and so the team can help your family make a case too.

Of course, the primary issue is getting things started, and so it is up to you to contact your legal counsel as soon as possible following an incident.

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Maritime injuries and a Jones Act Attorney in Houston

Negligence is never an acceptable standard when people’s security or safety is in question, and yet the annual reports from organizations such as the NTSB prove that hundreds of marine vessel operators are just plain negligent. This leads to injury, disfigurement, loss of livelihood, and even loss of life.

What makes this worse is that the employees working these vessels are often the ones who pay the worst price for negligence, and who suffer serious to critical injuries because of it. This is why anyone harmed while working on a commercial vessel should consult a skilled Jones Act attorney in Houston.

The Jones Act was something created to address the seriousness of the risks and dangers that workers on board seagoing vessels face. Essentially, the law indicates that it is bad enough that the work itself is dangerous, but if an employer is negligent and causes someone to suffer grave injury, the law will allow that employer to be rightfully sued.

However, to bring such a suit, it does require that negligence is proven to the satisfaction of the court. Even if it was a fellow crew member and not the owner of the vessel, the laws still apply, but the need to prove negligence also always stands.

Additionally, although the laws are in place to protect the livelihood and health of the maritime laborer, should they be killed in an incident, their family can also pursue legal action. Of course, that brings us back to the need for a Jones Act attorney in Houston to pursue the case.

This is where Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can become a major asset to anyone pursuing a maritime injury claim. They can hire this firm to serve as their Jones Act attorney in Houston, and to work towards getting the settlement deserved when negligence leads to suffering.

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Select an experienced League City maritime lawyer

Do you understand maritime law? You may know a bit about it, and you may even have an advanced knowledge of its various aspects, but it is not likely that you understand it enough to argue a case or make a claim in court. This is the work of a League City maritime lawyer.

Of course, as is the case with other kinds of legal experts, not all will be alike. If you have been injured in a maritime or offshore accident and feel that you have a viable claim, you want to find an experienced League City maritime lawyer to help you. This is a professional with a background in many maritime law cases and who employs a team of experts to ensure the best outcome.

Additionally, a good League City maritime lawyer is going to consult with a worker or their family before taking the case. This is to ensure that it is viable and that the negligence that led to the injury can be proved to the court’s satisfaction. This is why you will want to get in touch with Kirkendall Dwyer LLP if you believe you have a valid maritime law claim.

Their team will go over the details and then help you to understand all of your options. Whether you believe you are due comprehensive compensation due to the death of a loved one while working at sea or you are a worker who believes that your injury deserves further rehabilitation coverage, the experts at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will be able to assist you in any way they can.

Naturally, you should not wait for a long time after an incident has occurred to take legal action. This means you will want to get in touch with this legal team today.

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Hire a Houston Maritime Lawyer ASAP

Everyone complains that there are not enough hours in the day, and we all wish we had a lot more time in general. However, there is a moment when time just cannot be wasted and that is the time immediately following a maritime or offshore accident that results in injury or death. Even as a person injured in such an accident is in the hospital or recovery, they must also be working on any legal claims. This is why a Houston maritime lawyer must be contacted as soon as possible.

Though the various points of the issue may seem very obvious to the average person; i.e. an accident occurred, injuries resulted, and the company will take care of those harmed, it is not always the case. In fact, maritime laws were created in the early 1900s just because workers were not getting what they were owed after being harmed in accidents.

Keep in mind that maritime accidents can happen in any number of ways, and a Houston maritime lawyer has to help you to prove that the accident in which you were injured was due to negligence of some kind or another. This is not a simple thing to do, and is always a case of “the sooner the better” in order to get all of the facts.

Obviously, you cannot be out hunting down accident reports and building a case if you are in recovery, or grieving the loss of a loved one, but your Houston maritime lawyer can do just that. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is a legal team with experience in maritime injury cases, and they can help you to build a strong case.

The key is to consult with them ASAP and to determine if you can make a claim. If so, Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will represent you through the entire case and help you in every way possible.

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Finding a Jones Act attorney in Houston is an important step

What do cruise ship workers, ferry boat pilots, and oil rig workers all have in common? They are all protected by maritime laws formally known as the Jones Act. Created in the 1920s, these laws ensure that people who work on seagoing vessels are not put under any additional risks. Yes, their jobs do involve some built-in threats such as the unpredictability of the weather and waters, and possible injuries due to the nature of the work, but that should be where it ends. However, annual reports still show that thousands of people are injured every year, and many unnecessarily.

If you are one such unlucky person (or you are the surviving family of someone killed in an accident), you should contact a Jones Act attorney in Houston right away. They can review the facts of the case and let you know if you can make legal demands from the employer.

Why should there be a question in the matter? Well, it boils down to the term “negligence”. A Jones Act attorney in Houston can help you to understand if you can pursue a claim because of evidence of negligence in the case. If this is apparent, the Jones Act attorney in Houston can work with you to file a claim and pursue a wide range of recompense.

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP offers people a legal team with experience and expertise in such matters. They can consult with you, review the details of your claim, and represent you throughout any subsequent legal action. It doesn’t matter if you want simple compensation for lost wages or lost benefits, or you seek a long list of reparations due to negligence and an accident, your Kirkendall Dwyer LLP attorney can help you understand your options and make valid claims when due

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