Dockworker Killed after Windstorm Knocks him into Water

On Wednesday April 3, a violent windstorm in Mobile, Alabama knocked two
dockworkers out of their guardhouse at the BAE Shipyard and into the water. One
of the workers was rescued, but one could not be found. For a week and two days,

officials and volunteers searched the water for John “Buster” Johnson, and finally found
his remains in the water near where he was knocked off.

It was a tragic end to an unfortunate chain of events in the waters of Mobile, Alabama.
This is where the cruise ship the Carnival Triumph is docked and being repaired after
electrical problems left it and all its crew and passengers stranded in the middle of
the ocean for five days. The Carnival Triumph was also damaged further during this

This tragic incident shows just how vulnerable maritime workers are. They are not only
vulnerable to human error and its results such as fires and explosions, but they are also
vulnerable to fast-changing and unpredictable weather. The combination of inclement
weather plus their position on the water creates the perfect circumstance for serious
and often fatal accidents.

Employers of maritime workers must provide a safe working environment, proper
training, and proper equipment. If you are injured in your maritime workplace, you
may be entitled to a recovery. The maritime attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can
help make sure that you receive the help you need. You take risks for your job every
single day. If you are injured, you should not be left to suffer alone. Contact one of our
maritime attorneys to find out if you are entitled to compensation today.

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