Hijacked Ship Sinks

Life at sea can be tough. Rugged waters, arduous work schedules and long periods away from the family all make sea duty difficult. Most sailors enjoy the life, nevertheless, because of the adventure, travel, and pay. These people, full of wanderlust, often forget the possible dangers. One crew became sadly aware of the omnipresent threat of piracy on the high seas in late 2010. On November 26, 2010, the Albedo, a ship sailing under a Malaysian registry, came under attack while sailing 900 miles off the coast of Mogadishu, Somalia. Pirates overtook the crew of 23 sailors, with the expressed intent of holding the men for ransom. The ship remained seized and in possession of pirates, in waters near Somalia, until July 7, 2013, when it sank.


The men held captive suffered through over two-and-half years of anguish. Pirates raid vessels for profit. In this case, the monetary reward was ransom, payable by the company or family. Enrich Shipping owned and operated the Albedo but refused to pay the millions of dollars required to secure its release. Paying the ransom was beyond the means of the company, officials declared on various occasions. This reality meant the families of the captives had to locate a maritime attorney to help negotiate a feasible ransom. After paying $1.2 million to the pirates, families gained the release of seven crewmembers. This July 2012 release left an estimated 15 of the crew onboard, as one person died earlier.


The final scene of this saga occurred almost a year later on July 7, 2013, when the Albedo sank after months of taking in seawater. Sources confirm the remains of four of the captives. Meanwhile, the European Union Naval Force and Maritime Patrol continues searching for survivors. The families surely want a conclusion to this whole affair. More than likely, a skillful maritime attorney will now sift through the evidence and paperwork to ascertain the culpability in these deaths. It is not certain just whose negligence contributed to this situation. This type of incident is why speaking with a maritime attorney is important.

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