How the Jones Act Affects Workers at Sea

Maritime attorneys handle cases where people are injured at sea on their job including rig job injuries and shore side situations. They provide legal representation for injured merchant mariners, officers, deckhands, factory trawlers, crabbers, longshoremen, cruise ship workers, oilrig workers, ferry workers and even injuries from recreational boaters.

A competent skilled offshore injury lawyer has the contacts for dealing directly with naval experts, marine safety investigators, board-certified healthcare and medical personnel providers, injury experts, along with physical capacity experts. They can represent nearly anyone that has suffered injuries at sea or involved in any maritime injury situation. They can provide the legal expert required to receive compensation for both current and future losses.

In 1920, the Merchant Marine Act [i] was passed. It is more recognized as the Jones Act of 1920. It provides a whole list of remedies specifically designed for individuals that are injured at sea. Even though the laws do not specifically define coverage for seamen, the law on coverage has been clarified by the US Supreme Court.

Any ill or injured seaman is to be guaranteed all of their wages from the time of their injury or illness until the end of the entire voyage. During all of their recovery time, the individual while at sea is to receive care and maintenance until they reach access to care that provides maximum medical improvement. Maintenance includes mortgage or rent payments, food costs, and utility expenses. Cure involves medical supplies and equipment, necessary medical treatments, and any medication that is both in an original or secondary condition.

If an individual is injured or ill at sea, and is not properly compensated they need to hire the skills of a maritime attorney to receive just restitution. They should seek one that has a solid success track record in handling cases directly involved with the National Jones Act and other maritime laws.

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