Human Error to Blame for Maritime Collision, Investigators Conclude

Marine Insights reports that investigations of a collision that took place in September of this year have recently concluded that it was human error, not other factors, that caused the crash. The crew of The Washington State Ferries’ Hyak is being held responsible for colliding with a motor yacht.

The investigations determined that weather, currents, and other natural factors did not influence the collision in this case, and that the Hyak had time to avoid the collision if the crew had been more aware and taken appropriate action.

The WSF is taking action to improve its training and its employees awareness based on the report, including reviewing qualifications for navigational officers for the ferries. However, even though steps are being taken, it’s still very discouraging that government employees were responsible for the endangerment of a private citizen.


People tend to worry about car accidents more frequently, but maritime accidents do occur regularly. Investigations can take time, and in the meanwhile, you need to make sure you are adequately protected. If something does occur to you or someone you love while on the water, you need to be certain that fair settlements can be reached.

Maritime attorneys can ensure that if you have an accident with your boat, you are properly taken care of. While this investigation came out with a clear conclusion and one that favored the person being hit, not every case is so simple. Even in this case, investigators took two months to determine the cause, but that can seem too long when you have to pay for hospital bills or repair damage to your boat. Having good maritime attorneys can really help speed your case along. If you need a good maritime attorney, call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

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