Is your Freeport oil rig injury attorney experienced with the Jones Act?

If you have been injured while working on an oil rig, your injuries are likely covered under the Jones Act. Were you hurt due to the negligence or recklessness of your employer or a co-worker? Was a safety statute violated that led to your being injured? Were you injured due to inadequate training, inadequate instruction, too few crew members, or unsafe or inadequate equipment?  If any of this is true for you, and your injury occurred while working offshore on an oil rig, contact a Freeport oil rig injury attorney from Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today to learn how you are protected under the Jones Act.

The Jones Act was put into place to protect seamen from injuries and to ensure their rights in the event of an injury. While there are a number of legal nuances to the Jones Act, it states that you have the right to adequate medical care from a competent physician.  It also affords you many other rights as an injured seaman. An experienced Freeport oil rig injury attorney will be well-versed in Jones Act law and will be able to help ensure that you do not accept a settlement for less than you are entitled to.

When you choose a Freeport oil rig injury attorney from Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, you will find that there are many types of damage that the Jones Act can entitle an injured seaman to, including past and future lost wages including promotions and upward career movement, past and future pain and suffering, mental and psychological suffering, fringe benefits such as insurance, retirement, and meals, vocational and occupational retraining, and disfigurement. Your attorney will help you determine which types of damages are applicable to your case. To learn more, or for a free case review, contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP and speak with one of our attorneys today!

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