Common Types of Offshore Injuries

Offshore work is physically demanding and workers must be in good condition in order to work in this field. Offshore workers are required to work in a number of adverse weather conditions and in many different situations, many of which can be dangerous.

Unfortunately, injuries in this line of work are all too common. Some injuries are serious and others can be life threatening. Some injuries could recur under certain circumstances. If you have been injured, consider speaking to an experienced lawyer, such as a Port Arthur maritime injury attorney.

The most common types of offshore injuries are back injuries, injuries to the head, burns, limb injuries, crush injuries, fractures, and electrical shock. Other injuries can be fatal and of course there is also a high risk of drowning. Keep in mind that you are protected with rights to allow you to seek compensation for medical expenses that have occurred as the result of an offshore injury.

Some injuries may heal rather quickly while others can take a long time. Some injuries may never fully heal. For example, a serious back injury may require surgery and you may not be able to perform the same type of job in the future. When an injury occurs, it is important to speak to a Port Arthur maritime injury attorney as soon as possible after it happens. This will help the attorney better gather the information needed for your case.

Keep in mind that you are entitled to be compensated for medical costs and other expenses that have been incurred due to the injury. If you can’t work for a period of time, a Port Arthur maritime injury attorney can help you receive money that is necessary for you and your family to live. While these types of jobs are dangerous, rest assured that if you do suffer an injury while on the job you’ll be able to seek money until you can return to work.

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Human Error to Blame for Maritime Collision, Investigators Conclude

Marine Insights reports that investigations of a collision that took place in September of this year have recently concluded that it was human error, not other factors, that caused the crash. The crew of The Washington State Ferries’ Hyak is being held responsible for colliding with a motor yacht.

The investigations determined that weather, currents, and other natural factors did not influence the collision in this case, and that the Hyak had time to avoid the collision if the crew had been more aware and taken appropriate action.

The WSF is taking action to improve its training and its employees awareness based on the report, including reviewing qualifications for navigational officers for the ferries. However, even though steps are being taken, it’s still very discouraging that government employees were responsible for the endangerment of a private citizen.


People tend to worry about car accidents more frequently, but maritime accidents do occur regularly. Investigations can take time, and in the meanwhile, you need to make sure you are adequately protected. If something does occur to you or someone you love while on the water, you need to be certain that fair settlements can be reached.

Maritime attorneys can ensure that if you have an accident with your boat, you are properly taken care of. While this investigation came out with a clear conclusion and one that favored the person being hit, not every case is so simple. Even in this case, investigators took two months to determine the cause, but that can seem too long when you have to pay for hospital bills or repair damage to your boat. Having good maritime attorneys can really help speed your case along. If you need a good maritime attorney, call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

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Safety Concerns of Offshore Drillers

In the wake of recent rulings regarding the Black Elk Energy accident, oil companies are likely concerned about their own operations. The Black Elk Energy company was cited this week with 41 violations as a result of the explosion that killed 3 workers last year. The violations cite many problems, some of which may be partially responsible for the accident.

While this may seem like a harsh ruling, it is possible that the company will be able to resolve many of them – the company has 2 months to respond to the violations. In the meantime, other companies may be concerned about their own possible safety violations. Violations can carry large fines, although for most companies, these fines may be worth risking rather than having to conform to some expensive changes.

It is important to note that even if a company is charged with a violation, they have a certain length of time to correct the problem. Often, companies are allowed months to fix problems. Until then, workers are exposed the dangerous conditions, likely unaware of the situation they are putting themselves into. Workers who are injured are covered by maritime laws including the Jones Act. This allows workers to seek legal action in the case of an injury.

If you have been injured, it is important to speak to an experienced Galveston oil rig injury attorney as soon as possible. The attorney will review the circumstances of the accident to determine the best way to proceed. The Galveston oil rig injury attorney understands these types of accidents and knows how to establish negligence. An oil rig job is dangerous, but the company must take precautions to ensure safety. Talk to a Galveston oil rig injury attorney to learn more about seeking legal action after having sustained an injury while working offshore.

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Dangers of Offshore Workers

Offshore work can be dangerous and demanding. Those who physically fit are often the safest. Workers need to have an incredible mix of both physical and emotional strength and fortitude. Work is not only difficult, but also dangerous work conditions can add to the difficulty of performing the job. All too often, workers are at the mercy of their company to ensure that they are safe.

Companies must follow specific safety procedures. If they don’t they can be heavily fined. Of course, offshore operations are quite complex. Not only are there many different jobs that need to be performed, but there are also many different pieces of machinery that must be operated and maintained. Rough weather conditions can make the job more difficult.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder that offshore jobs are considered dangerous. It is important for offshore workers to know that they have rights and are protected if they are injured while working. If you have been injured it is important to talk to a Baytown personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The lawyer will review the facts of the accident and advise you as to the best way to proceed.

Companies are under legal obligation to keep working conditions safe for their employees. Even so, many of these offshore locations are operating under difficult circumstances and may not meet the standards that they should. When a worker is injured due to the negligence of the company, the worker is entitled to compensation.

Talk to a Baytown personal injury attorney to seek help in dealing with an injury. The injury may not only be painful, but it may also cause you to have expensive medical bills. Additionally, you may need to take time off work while you are recovering. A Baytown personal injury attorney will discuss your options with you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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The Dangers of Commercial Fishing

In early September, a crew member of a commercial fishing boat died after he sustained injuries to his head and neck while on-board the boat.  The man was Donald Alversa, and he was onboard the “Jason & Danielle”, a dragger which was off the coast of North Carolina at the time of the accident.

After the accident, he was lifted by helicopter to be treated at the hospital, but his condition quickly worsened and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, commercial fishing is one of the dangerous occupations in America.  The general rate of death among all U.S. workers is 4 in 100,000.  For commercial fishermen, the rate is 124 in 100,000.

What makes commercial fishing so dangerous?  Dangerous weather, long hours, strenuous manual labor, and heavy equipment combine to create a work atmosphere ripe for serious injury and death.

Most of these accidents occur when the vessel itself has an accident, but fall overboards are also a common cause of death.

If you are a commercial fisherman and have suffered serious injury while on the job, an offshore injury attorney at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help.  Injuries in this line of work can be serious and leave you unable to work and support yourself and your loved ones.  Our maritime attorneys can help; there is broad compensation available to maritime workers.  Find out more about your legal options.  Contact us today for your free case review.

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Two Barges Collide with Bridges in Arkansas

In late August, 2 barges were accidentally set free from a tugboat and drifted down the Arkansas River in Little Rock, eventually crashing into a pedestrian bridge and the Interstate 30 bridge.  The bridges were shut down in order to assess their stability and safety, but were shortly thereafter reopened.

Similar collisions have led to tragic results in the past.  In May of 2002, a barge struck a bridge, a piece of which later collapsed, killing 14 people.  Authorities inspected the bridges that were struck in this instance, but deemed them safe enough to travel.

Bridges are only inspected ever 2 years, more frequently if the need arises.  Many bridges in the area have protection systems designed to protect the integrity of the bridge in case of a collision such as this one.

Have you been injured in a barge accident?  If so, contact the offshore accident attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.  There are innumerable ways in which barge accidents can occur.  From collisions with subsequent consequences as in this case, to more common accidents in which a worker is thrown from a barge or injured while employed aboard a barge.  Our attorneys can provide immediate help.  Contact us today.

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