Why Even Ferry Accidents Could Necessitate a Houston Maritime Lawyer

Despite all the technology available, the unfortunate truth is that maritime accidents are still a fairly common occurrence. Thankfully, as the below story illustrates, these accidents don’t automatically mean a body count. Nonetheless, it helps to illustrate the importance of having a Houston maritime lawyer you can call on immediately in case of such an incident.

On December 18th, a ferry operating off the coast of North Carolina ran aground. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or life-threatening injuries, but 13 people aboard were hurt.

The call came in at 9 a.m. EST, and the Coast Guard immediately responded. Luckily, the ferry was only moving from Southport, North Carolina to a nearby vacation destination known as Bald Head Island.

Although this story may not deserve national attention, it should certainly be worth a headline for any maritime worker. Accidents like these do happen fairly regularly and they usually involve a number of maritime workers who are aboard at the time.

If this had been off the coast of Texas, every worker aboard would do well to contact a Houston maritime lawyer immediately. Even minor injuries can be enough to make a claim against an employer. So long as the accident itself wasn’t caused by your actions or lack thereof, you are entitled to certain compensation.

The sooner you call your Houston maritime lawyer, the better. As such, it makes sense to take down the information for Kirkendall Dwyer LLP now, while you don’t have the stress of an accident on your mind. It’s a sad fact that employers sometimes try to convince their employees to change objective details of what really happened in order to help the company. Not only could this make you an accessory to insurance fraud, it could also rob you of the medical and financial help you need.

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New Claim Regarding Triumph Illustrates Importance of Hiring an Offshore Injury Attorney

Everyone remembers back in March of 2012 when the Carnival Cruise’s Triumph caught fire, endangering the lives of everyone on board. Investigations concluded that the fire was caused by leaking fuel lines that made fire inevitable.

However, a new investigation has turned things on their head. The Associated Press recently published an article that states Carnival Cruise was well aware of the problem long before Triumph ever left for that last, ill-fated journey.

The article cites actual testimony from the captain’s deposition wherein he makes the claims himself. As evidence, he points to spray guards that were haphazardly installed on the engine as a defense against possible fuel leaks.

Among other things, such actions would be in direct violation of the International Maritime Organization’s Safety of Life at Sea recommendations.  Of course, that pales in comparison to the near 4,000 lives that could have been lost if matters had gotten worse.

It’s tough to imagine a company taking such risks with their own property, much less the lives on board. But, if the article is to be believed, it proves that, unfortunately, greed takes precedence over moral judgment sometimes. This is why every maritime worker needs an offshore injury attorney on call. While an event like this is hopefully in the minority, Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can handle all matter of incidents.

Thanks to the Jones Act, a maritime worker can seek compensation from their employer if they’re injured because of a coworker’s mistakes. Obviously, if the employer themselves are the culprits, this is equally the case. But in order to get what they deserve, workers need an offshore injury attorney who will represent them and their best interests. An offshore injury attorney from Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can further explain the intricacies of a particular case and seek to secure all the compensation a worker deserves.

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Common Types of Offshore Injuries

Offshore work is physically demanding and workers must be in good condition in order to work in this field. Offshore workers are required to work in a number of adverse weather conditions and in many different situations, many of which can be dangerous.

Unfortunately, injuries in this line of work are all too common. Some injuries are serious and others can be life threatening. Some injuries could recur under certain circumstances. If you have been injured, consider speaking to an experienced lawyer, such as a Port Arthur maritime injury attorney.

The most common types of offshore injuries are back injuries, injuries to the head, burns, limb injuries, crush injuries, fractures, and electrical shock. Other injuries can be fatal and of course there is also a high risk of drowning. Keep in mind that you are protected with rights to allow you to seek compensation for medical expenses that have occurred as the result of an offshore injury.

Some injuries may heal rather quickly while others can take a long time. Some injuries may never fully heal. For example, a serious back injury may require surgery and you may not be able to perform the same type of job in the future. When an injury occurs, it is important to speak to a Port Arthur maritime injury attorney as soon as possible after it happens. This will help the attorney better gather the information needed for your case.

Keep in mind that you are entitled to be compensated for medical costs and other expenses that have been incurred due to the injury. If you can’t work for a period of time, a Port Arthur maritime injury attorney can help you receive money that is necessary for you and your family to live. While these types of jobs are dangerous, rest assured that if you do suffer an injury while on the job you’ll be able to seek money until you can return to work.

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Human Error to Blame for Maritime Collision, Investigators Conclude

Marine Insights reports that investigations of a collision that took place in September of this year have recently concluded that it was human error, not other factors, that caused the crash. The crew of The Washington State Ferries’ Hyak is being held responsible for colliding with a motor yacht.

The investigations determined that weather, currents, and other natural factors did not influence the collision in this case, and that the Hyak had time to avoid the collision if the crew had been more aware and taken appropriate action.

The WSF is taking action to improve its training and its employees awareness based on the report, including reviewing qualifications for navigational officers for the ferries. However, even though steps are being taken, it’s still very discouraging that government employees were responsible for the endangerment of a private citizen.


People tend to worry about car accidents more frequently, but maritime accidents do occur regularly. Investigations can take time, and in the meanwhile, you need to make sure you are adequately protected. If something does occur to you or someone you love while on the water, you need to be certain that fair settlements can be reached.

Maritime attorneys can ensure that if you have an accident with your boat, you are properly taken care of. While this investigation came out with a clear conclusion and one that favored the person being hit, not every case is so simple. Even in this case, investigators took two months to determine the cause, but that can seem too long when you have to pay for hospital bills or repair damage to your boat. Having good maritime attorneys can really help speed your case along. If you need a good maritime attorney, call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

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Corrosion Dropped Thomson Majesty Lifeboat

Hopefully, you’ll never have to get into a life boat or find yourself in a situation where you need to leave the safety of the main vessel. However, there are times where an issue arises and there really is nothing else you can do. When climbing into the lifeboat and having it lowered to sea doesn’t mean you should find yourself in greater danger, but with recent corrosion issues with the Thomson Majesty, you need to know your rights. Recently, the Malta Maritime Safety Investigation Unit released a safety alert due to failing wires that hold up the lifeboat when it is being lowered into the water. Due to corrosion and other maintenance issues, the wire is likely to snap and give way, resulting in either one end of the lifeboat dropping towards the water or the entire boat dropping down dozens of feet to the water below. This greatly increases your chance of injury, as your body either comes in contact with the water, the life boat or the vessel you are leaving. There are many different issues that might arise, but you need to utilize the assistance of a maritime injury lawyer, should you find yourself in such a situation.

It is important for you to know your rights and to protect yourself. If you are even involved in an accident in which you are injured at sea or on the water due to neglect or maintenance issues from the lifeboats, you need to seek out the professional assistance of a maritime injury lawyer. You are going to hear a lot from other injury lawyers who say they can protect you the most and offer the best services, but the fact of the matter is you need to have the help from a lawyer who has experience with the given issue and the kind of law, as maritime law is unique.  The maritime lawyer is going to assist you through every instance and aspect of the situation, so you always know you are protected.

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Grounded Boat: Pirate Queen Grounding

If you are injured during a boating accident or while in the water, it is important for you to utilize the assistance of a lawyer who is knowledgeable and capable of helping you out with this very specific kind of injury. While there are injury lawyers who say they can help you out, no matter your injury, you are in better hands if you opt into the services of a maritime accident injury lawyer. A maritime accident injury is anything that happens at sea, and this usually takes place while at sea and something happens on a boat, such as a cruise line, and you are injured during the process. There are different laws and rules when it comes to water based injuries, especially if you are in international waters. Due to this, you need someone who is able to assist you and has all of the knowledge available to them. The maritime accident injury lawyer is there to assist you every step of the way.

One of the most recent maritime accidents took place with the Pirate Queen Grounding. Sometimes, the accident is more than just an incident on a cruise line. With this, the Pirate Queen ended up coming in contact with the pier due to the leading lights not functioning properly on the Roonagh Pier. This ended up costing millions of dollars worth of damage, not to mention injuries to the crew. It is up to the Pier owners to keep everything up and running on it, and because they did not keep the lighting functioning properly, and this ended up leading to the incident. They need to be held accountable for the actions, as they did not maintain their necessary duties. It is not the captain or other individuals on the boat who are at fault, but instead the owners of the Roonagh Pier.

There are many different issues that occur with maritime law. All of this needs to be dealt with by someone who has experienced and knowledge regarding the kind of law, and this is why utilizing a maritime accident lawyer is the best bet.

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